Ode to Autumn

Dare I say it, but it’s getting to be that time of year…

“Ode to Autumn”

By: Frank Cormier


Reflecting off the pond are the brilliant colors of fall.

Yellow, red, and orange leaves radiate, as green hooded

ducks and brown geese gracefully swim past not being jaded

by the tranquility. They know winter will soon call.

Even the bumbling bees dance for the last pollen ball.

While the leaves of the cranberry shrub fall from loaded

branches of red tart berries, the dragonfly hunts wooded

havens for one last meal. The last vestiges of fall.


Summer Clethra has turned to peppercorn. But do not eat!

The purple blossom of the Joe Pye weed is in defeat.

And the ginger tasting Sweet Flag root brews in a vat.

Witch Hazel readies to bloom golden threads of a flower.

These are Mother Nature’s way of letting us know that

all is just fine with the Earth as it turns towards winter.

Copyright (C) 2015 by Frank Cormier.  All rights reserved.


It’s just a word… but it has a lot of meaning


By: Frank Cormier

Differences in core values, cause much grief

Instead of understanding each other, we seek relief

Vulnerable emotions are exposed, both hurting inside

Our lives no longer complete, we gaze outside

Reality has been altered, taking separate paths

Can we forgive each other, suffering no wraths

Endings can be happy, moving on, loving again

Copyright (C) 2015 by Frank Cormier.  All rights reserved.