Written by: Frank Cormier


I had read in the paper recently about an unexplained death that occurred while the victim was allegedly surfing the Internet, or so the news article led the reader to believe.  The victim was a thirty-eight year old male, (the fourth male in his thirties, I might add, to be found dead at his computer in the past two months), a successful business man (he owned a gun and ammo store and was connected with two exotic dance clubs in the area), and was found face down in a pile of paper work on his desk, “… a typical messy desk with papers strewn about, a monitor and keyboard and mouse, and a set of stereo computer speakers.”  The news article went on to say that there were no apparent external wounds and that there were no signs of a struggle and suicide was ruled out immediately.  The alleged Internet surfing was offered because his email account was opened and some type of “community” Web page was also open on the browser at the time of the investigation.


A few days later in a follow up story, the reporter said the police were not labeling the death as “suspicious” so have closed their investigation for now.  The reason for the “for now” was according to the autopsy report, the death was labeled “inconclusive” because no poisons, alcohol, or illicit drugs were found in the blood stream (all though the police still hadn’t ruled out some type of payback because this latest victim had been busted for cocaine and morphine peddling in the past), however, there are several types of poison that leave no trace in the bloodstream or in tissue.  The article only went on to say that the victim “died of an apparent heart attack” even though the tell-tale signs like scarring of the myocardial tissue or clogged arteries were not evident.  The examining doctor concluded it appeared to him that for all practical purposes, “the victim’s heart just stopped.”


It seemed that no one was making any connection out of the deaths except me.  I reread the articles and researched the stories again on the Internet looking for more details surrounding each death.  Here is what I found:


The first death was a thirty six year old male who had been convicted of pedophilia.  He was placed under house arrest after serving eight months in the county jail while awaiting a retrial.  The jail was overcrowded so the judge decided to allow the prisoner to wait for the new trial at home as long he as he agreed to wear an ankle bracelet.  He also had to check in with a parole officer twice a week to ensure that he has truly at home.  The man readily agreed to the terms.


While at home he was allowed the usual liberties that most people take for granted such as watching television, surfing the Internet, smoke in his own home, and sleep in a regular bed.  The only restrictions he had were that he could not wander more than one hundred yards from his property because the police were monitoring his whereabouts and that he had to register any guests who came to visit.  He was okay with the restrictions.  He didn’t feel much like leaving his home anyway because he felt safest there.  And the only one that would visit him was his mother.  He didn’t have any friends.  His mother would visit five times a week and bring him groceries, wash his clothes, tidy up the house, and read to him select passages from the bible.


He would tolerate the bible readings in order to placate her so that she would continue to buy him cigarettes.  She didn’t like that he smoked but accepted that about him as long as he would allow the Lord into his life.  Sometimes he would fall asleep when she read to him.  He felt at peace, not for religious reasons, more that he didn’t feel he had to watch his back all of the time.


He had been locked up with dope pushers, drunk driving offenders, a few gang bangers, and petty thieves when he served his time in the county jail.  Sleep didn’t come easy there; he was always paranoid that he would have to fight for his life.  For now he was going to enjoy the comfort of his own home.  He knew that if he were to be convicted in the new trial he was going away to a maximum security state prison where the cliental is a much tougher group; the type that would stick a shiv in you without blinking any eye, especially a convicted pedophile.


Prisoners are an unusual mix of people, most never believed that they were totally in the wrong and would rationalize their crime.  Some of the guys were fathers and have an extreme dislike for people that commit crimes against children.  The problem was that he didn’t believe a crime had been committed.  He could rationalize his reasons if they would just listen, but that was creating a problem in his mind before there was one.  He was not in prison and all he had to do was convince a judge and jury that he was innocent.  “Piece of cake,” he would tell himself.  “I’ll search the Internet for possible defenses, legal proceedings, and anything else I can find to keep me out of that place.”


Ten days after he was under house arrest, his mother found him dead in front of the computer.  The article stated that, “… the victim was found slumped over the key board to his computer from an apparent heart attack.”  Again the scene was similar in that the victim was sitting in front of his computer surfing the Internet, and the only items on the desk were the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and speakers.  Nothing was offered regarding the content of the Internet surfing other than it mentioned, “… it looked as if he were checking his emails when he died.”


The second victim was a thirty four year old man described as a “family man.”  Upon further research, this “John Doe” was accused of rape but not convicted.  His rape victim committed suicide once the trial was over because he was allowed to walk away.  Walk away is an accurate description for describing his actions that day.  When the jury came back with the not guilty verdict, he sauntered out of the courtroom and winked at the young woman who had accused him of rape.  She broke down in tears and could not be consoled no matter how many times the judge hammered the gavel requesting “order in the court.”


John had three children, two teenage sons and a ten year old daughter.  His children were window dressing.  He spent more time at the country club or a local watering hole than he did at home.  He had always felt like he had been trapped by his wife into marrying her because she got pregnant the first time they had sex.  He had four different girlfriends at the time and didn’t want to give up the lifestyle.  Then he noticed something changed when he started wearing a wedding ring.


He was a handsome man that always had an easy time picking up woman.  But the ring gave him an out that he never expected: no commitment.  Most women that he met wouldn’t sleep with him unless they got to know him.  They all seemed to want a steady relationship that would lead to marriage.  It was only after he started wearing a wedding band that he encountered more women who were looking for a one night stand = NSA, (No Strings Attached).  And the Internet was loaded with these types of women.  That was how he met “Jane Doe.”


Jane was thirty five, a very attractive blonde with an athletic figure.  She had a bit of a self esteem problem and didn’t date much.  Most guys didn’t ask her out because they thought she was too pretty and shied away.  And of the men she met in bars, most were loud mouth drunks and/or married.  Her best friend convinced her to try Internet dating.  “Go on!  Give it a shot,” Lisa said to encourage her.  “You’re too beautiful to be alone.  I know the right guy is out there for you.”


She signed up on Mate.Com as her first attempt at meeting someone on the Internet and went through the typical protocol of filling out an online survey, completing a questionnaire, writing a profile, and finally posting her picture.  Within the first twenty four hours of posting her profile, she had over one hundred “hits.”  That night she took the time to go through each one and send back a “not interested” response to over ninety of the men who contacted her.  Only seven of the men who emailed her caught her attention, so she sent back a reply inviting further communication.  John was one of the seven.


They hit it off right away and she went out on her first date with him.  Jane met him at a local coffee shop on a weeknight.  He was charming and she found him more attractive the more they talked.  John told to her that he was not married and didn’t have children.  He had stopped wearing his wedding band after his daughter was born so there was no pronounced ring mark on his finger.  As things progressed he made his move and asked her to go back to her place.  She felt everything was going so well that she was blinded by his charm and went against everything Lisa told her not to do on a first date.  She decided she was an adult and could make her own decisions and invited him back.


He followed her to her condominium.  Once inside they made with some small talk, she poured some wine, and he made his move.  She pushed him away saying it was too soon.  John wasn’t having any of that and tore her dress off and forced her into her bedroom.  This is what she testified to in court.  He told a different story, more convincing, that made her sound like a prostitute.  The jury bought it and he was found innocent.  His wife even came to his defense believing that this “other woman seduced her husband.”


Two months after the court proceedings and the newspapers locked on to a different subject, he was found dead sitting in front of his computer by his wife.  This article stated that, “… the victim was found sitting in his underwear in front of his computer and had died from a heart attack.”  The scene was similar yet again, John was doing something on his computer, surfing the Internet, checking emails, etc., and the only items on the desk were some family photos, the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and speakers.


The third victim was a thirty nine year old male lawyer who’s cliental included known drug lords.  In town he was known to the police as the “Freedom Man.”  It was written in several newspapers and online news sites that he knew more ways to confound a court system and created legal quagmires that will take decades for the court to sort through to make a determination.  In the mean time, his cliental were free to continue with their lives.


He felt it was his responsibility to ensure that every “i” be dotted and every “t” be crossed in the legal system.  “Without law and order – chaos reigns supreme” was framed over his office desk.  He didn’t make the laws; he was just there to make certain that the law was followed to the letter.  Even if that meant a less than scrupulous person was allowed to freely walk the streets.  He watched their back and they watched his.


I am not here to judge,” he would say to ease any guilty conscience that attempted to infiltrate his morals after manipulating the system to allow his client a free pass.  “Search and seizure procedures are clearly spelled out by the letter of the law,” he admonished a rookie police officer on the witness stand.  “You are not at liberty to ‘adjust’ the rules by your own freewill to fit a particular situation to afford an arrest.”  The rookie was seething and was visibly shaking as he acknowledged the mistake he made through gritting teeth.  The judge declared a mistrial and Marcus “The Hi-Way King” Lachesis strutted out of the courtroom.


Marcus was a bad man in several ways.  Not only did he sell drugs to minor children, he was also connected to an underage prostitution ring.  The rumor was that he ran the entire drug and sex industry in the city.  “No one or nothing gets pimped or sold without my approval, you dig,” he told his lawyer when he first met him over twelve years ago.  He had never spent more than one night behind bars since that time.


The incentive was there for him as a young lawyer as it still was today; money.  And there was plenty of money, all cash.  He would receive a suitcase full of one hundred dollar bills each time he kept his clients out of jail.  All though for IRS purposes he would submit a legal looking invoice to a fence company with legitimate business dealings.  “Offshore bank accounts have become my Xanadu.  There is no reason to believe in a higher authority than cash,” he was fond of saying to whomever would listen to him at Kelley’s Tavern.  I listened to him that night and made a mental note.


According to the Ten O’clock News he was found lying on the floor with one hand clutched to his chest and the other to his head.  There was no mention of the items on his desk or whether or not he was surfing the Internet.  It was conjectured that he had died from either a brain embolism or massive heart attack since no autopsy report was available at the time of the newscast.


The coroner’s report will reveal that he in fact died of both maladies.  However, for statistical purposes it will be reported as a heart attack.  They are the number one killers in America.  No reason to buck a trend.  This is perfectly fine, because it has taken any suspicion away from me.  Let me explain…


About ten years ago my younger brother died in a horrible manner when he was caught in a drive by shooting.  Rival gangs were in the middle of a turf war and collateral damage meant nothing to them.  Once order was restored to the area, my thirteen year old brother was found dead.  He had been hit by several stray gunshots and succumbed to the wounds before help could reach him.


According to the newspaper account, the war was over drugs and prostitutes.  My brother chose the wrong day to ride his bike one block too close to the turf.  There are no warning signs that state a person is “entering hostile territory, proceed at your own risk.”  My parents had moved to a city close by that area so my father would be nearer to the hospital where he was receiving his cancer treatments.  They were all excited at the prospect he would recover and the cancer be driven into remission.  He gave up the fight for his own life when he learned that his youngest son had been murdered.


I use the term ‘murder’ because that’s what it was; the police defined it as ‘accidental loss of life.’  No charges were ever pressed because there were no eye witnesses.  The police made a half assed showing to my parents and the town by making a minimal effort to solve the crime.  They concluded that there were not enough clues or evidence to investigate further so moved the case to the cold file storage area.  It appeased the local politicians, but not me.


It is most likely that I will never find my brother’s killer or killers.  What I have committed myself to doing is searching out those types of people that violated the morals and values of a decent society.  I am highly suspicious of anyone who delves in the world of crime, drugs, sex offenders, or anything that promotes the use of violence.  Let me share how I carried out these societal enemas…


In particle physics there is a force known as the “Zero-Point Energy Field” which is believed to be responsible for the interconnectedness of our existence with all things.  It has been theorized that this is the main way cells and other subatomic particles communicate with each other.  I took it a step further and proved the theory by turning it into reality.


Several renowned scientists have conducted experiments with low frequency energy waves that directly affect the tissues and organs in our body.  For example, one particular scientist in France kept the heart of pig alive and beating once it was surgically removed from the body for several days.   By using this energy field, the scientist set up a pair of speakers and aimed it at the heart using a signal that mimicked the song of blood flow.  The heart was “tricked” into believing that it was still needed and flowing blood so continued to beat like normal.


I read the story in somewhat disbelief, but chose to open my mind at the possibility.  I postulated that if the signal generated fooled the heart into beating, could an out of phase signal be used for the opposite purpose?  I set out to try my own experiments with stray cats in the neighborhood.  I don’t have anything against cats, it’s just that they were readily available and would not arouse suspicion.  It only took three tries before I was successful.  The fourth cat expired almost immediately when I amplified the signal through a set of computer speakers.  Part one solved.


The next problem I had left to workout was how to get some criminal type in front of the speakers to test it on a human.  I went back and reread the study and picked up something I scanned over prior, “… when the signals were tape recorded or put onto floppy disks and played… the results were identical.”  If the signals could be recorded and still work this indicates that they could be emailed as a sound file attachment much like an MP3 download.  Part two solved.


All that was left now was to email the sound clip to an unsuspecting victim and figure out how to get him to face the speakers at the proper angle, and turn up the volume.  The file would auto-execute and then delete itself once it finished playing.  The marketing trick was to convince the person to be directly in front of the speakers.  Some type of catchy spam mail offering a free trip or gadget would do the trick.  The instructions I came up with ask the person to face his speakers at such an angle that both ears would be needed to identify the special sounds emitted from the left speaker then the right one.  If the person guessed correctly, they won!  Part three solved.


That was the reason each victim was found near his computer dead allegedly surfing the Internet; which was quite convenient that these people could multi-task.  I did not fear being caught nor do I now.  There are so many ways to cloak and hide the originating email address that even if the police did have a clue, it would be many years before I was found out.  As Peter Parker once mused as Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  I now possess great power and I am committed to using it for good.



From: Sounds of Silence

Sent: Mon 6/8/2009 6:18 PM

To: Marcus Lachesis

Subject: Prostitute Confessions

Attachment: Heartfelt.MP3


Place speakers so that confessions can be heard in each ear.  Identify which prostitute talked with the police before the recording runs out. Be sure to turn up the volume as their voices are really soft and difficult to hear on this copy, though a jury will hear them just fine.  See you in court!


Ten O’clock News:

Earlier today Marcus “The Hi-Way King” Lachesis was found dead in his home from an apparent heart attack…

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